We are the
Sweet Spot
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Sweet Spot is a Digital PRContent Marketing Agency based in Berlin Germany, promoting fact-based, informative and compelling journalism by connecting data-driven journalists with excellent content from research agencies and industry patrons.

Our team of creatives, journalists and data analysts founded this agency to help companies use their data to tell relevant, factual stories the media and its audience love.

We challenged the business model of the traditional agencies and proven that Content Marketing can be the key to Organic Growth.

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Our PR Focus

Our PR team has years of experience matching great data from top researchers and patrons data-sets with journalists to address the crisis among journalists for whom department cuts have left the remaining teams unprepared for the accusations of “fake news”–something that is only made worse by the pressure from editorial boards to produce large amounts of clickbait. 

 We believe true journalism, driven by data and the upholding of journalistic standards, will repair the damaged trust between consumers and the media, and pave the way for a more transparent society.