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We help patrons turn data into compelling stories.

Through our creativity, strategic planning, and quality statistical research, we connect journalists with research so that they can turn data into stories for the world to read.


Data-Driven Content

Data-Driven content is only as good as the data scientists behind them, and we work exclusively with the best. Our content missions use clear methodologies which outline our research process, and always credit renowned sources. We publish the facts and then let journalists tell the story in their own words, because the research speaks for itself. We focus on creating outstanding, original content which inspires journalists to produce compelling stories they’re proud of.


Data Missions

Each Data Mission we embark on is supported by industry leaders which, once completed, becomes an open-access dataset that can be interpreted and covered by journalists around the world.

Our Coverage

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We welcome mission suggestions from journalists – we will find a suitable industry patron to finance the research operation and the journalist who provided the mission brief receives a period of exclusive access.

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