Data-Driven PR

To improve your brand’s online visibility and see a measurable ROI, data can be the biggest weapon in your arsenal. Information drives every aspect of modern life, and your PR approach should be no different, which is where we step in.

Using proprietary technology and expert data scientists, we design content missions which guarantee results. By utilising a data-driven approach, we secure not only media coverage and top-tier clippings, but also measurable impacts on your revenue. In addition, by backing up your campaign with data, we help to establish your brand as a thought-leader in your field.

Our Berlin team is a trailblazer in the field Data-Driven PR, contact us and we will share with you samples of our recent success stories. 


From research to ROI-driving tactics, metrics form the basis of everything we do.


Proprietary Methodologies

Quality data helps your content stand out from the crowd, and instills trust with both the media and the public.

"Rather than blindly following the most popular or loudest opinion, you should use data to question, inform, and shape your perspective. While you don’t always have to agree with the data, your understanding will be increased and enhanced by it."
Marshall McLuhan

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