We are a Content Marketing and Digital PR agency, specialised in data-driven content that goes viral in the press .

About Us .

Sweet Spot is a Berlin-based Content Marketing & Digital PR agency, specialised in creating data-driven content campaigns that capture media’s interest.

Our campaigns, called Content Missions, include creative ideas, data analysis and research, content creation, and content seeding. Missions are able to earn up to hundreds of high-quality backlinks and clippings for our clients.

This sets in motion several of the elements needed to scale organic traffic, all while strengthening our client’s brand presence, affording them the critical edge over their competitors

Our Path .

Sweet Spot was founded in 2018 in Berlin by a group of professionals with a deep understanding of the media landscape and how to trigger it with compelling data-driven content, to generate high-quality mentions and backlinks. Ever since we have been helping SEO, Content Marketing, and PR teams of the largest startups and digital companies, across different sectors, developing their off-site strategies and growing their organic traffic and lead generation.

Sweet Spot is the result of 10+ years of experience in data-journalism, link-building, digital PR, and data analysis and represents a unique combination in the market of SEO, communication, and data analysis methodologies expertise.

Today, Sweet Spot counts 15 senior FTEs (we keep hiring, also during pandemic) and a network of trained freelance contractors that contribute to making the processes lean and structured.

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