Digital PR .

Digital PR starts with storytelling. Understanding the brand is the key to tell a coherent and compelling story that communicates genuinely to your target audience.

Thought-Process .

Sweet Spot’s first steps consist in understanding your brand, your positioning, your values, your dreams. We then build a framework around it, with workshops aimed to categorize your target audience and connecting with them using the right message.

We are also data-driven geeks at heart, and always want to corroborate our stories with reliable, truthful, and interesting data points. Data plays a big role in our storytelling.

Thought-Process /2 .

Once the story is strong and our client is happy and identifies with it, we leverage our wide network of journalists from around the globe, to tell your story to their public.

But now it’s enough to talk about us, let’s talk about you. Whether you are a startup or a corporate, we will be your one-stop shop for boosting your brand and get positioned as a thought leader in your industry.


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