Hero Content Marketing .

Bill Gates wrote that “Content is King”, but the pressing question today is not are you creating content, but what kind of content should you be putting out into the world? Whether your business is crafting written, video, audio or social content, how can you ensure that it helps your brand to reach its goals? This is where we step in.

Definition .

The concept of Content Marketing (Hero Content) entered the digital marketing conversation a few years ago, and is now considered to be one of the most important aspects of any company’s content strategy. Hero content is designed to help a business make a splash. Whether that’s by increasing brand awareness and online visibility, improving SEO or helping a company to go viral. Our data-driven PR campaigns at Sweet Spot are a prime example of Hero Content.

Hero Content is the name for a unique campaign that drives brand awareness and increases your online visibility.

We collaborate with start-ups and established businesses to create and seed Hero Content which helps their business to go viral in media worldwide

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